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The Telegraph UK: On the set of Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy
Firth says he has closely modelled his depiction of Haydon on Kim Philby (whom le Carré once described as ‘spiteful, vain and murderous’). ‘Le Carré doesn’t say that Philby was the inspiration for Haydon, but I’ve decided to tie him to Philby.’ With Alfredson, Firth studied newsreel footage of Philby’s infamous 1955 pressconference following the defection of Burgess and Maclean, in which Philby denied he was ‘the third man’ – seven years before he fled to Moscow. ‘You can see the tremendous tension in his body language and in his facial expression, but he cannot hide the sense of mischief. The image of the Russian doll-within-a-doll that Smiley applies to Haydon comes to mind when you look at someone like Philby, because you don’t ever quite get to the bottom of his motivation.’
Time Mag 1988:  Espionage No Regrets Kim Philby: 1912-1988

The Telegraph: Venice film festival: British stars descend on city
The biggest contingent of British stars for years, including Colin Firth, will descend on Venice on Wednesday for the city's revitalised film festival.

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The Guardian: The spy who came in with a cameo
 If the cameo were not tacit approval enough, Le Carré (whose works previously adapted for the screen  include The Russia House, The Constant Gardener, The Tailor of Panama and Smiley's People) has now also seen the new film and graciously admitted: "Through my very personal prism, it is a triumph. And if people write to me and say, 'How could you let this happen to poor Alec Guinness,' I shall reply that, if 'poor Alec' had witnessed Oldman's performance, he would have been the first to give it a standing ovation. I'm very proud to have provided Alfredson with the material, but what he made of it is wonderfully his own."

 Colin channels Ian Richardson

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Tinker Tailor in competition

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